Charitable Treasurer

My name is Veronica Gavan.  I’m currently running for the Charitable Treasurer board member position.  This would be my second year in this position.  My college education includes a minor in accounting as well as certification in bookkeeping.  Both of which, undoubtedly benefited the Charitable Treasurer position.  I really enjoy being able to help numerous charities in the area and hope to do so again, this coming year!


1st Vice President

My Name is Amber I am currently running for 1st Vice President of the MSC. This would be my second year with MSC as I was the secretary for this past year. I am married to a wonderful man Eric we’ve been on this military adventure for 13 years and prior to that I was a military kid-so I know a little bit of both sides of that coin. We have two beautiful biological children, and as many Fosters as God sees fit. My education is actually in education. I have held multiple spouses association positions in the past 13 years, both in spouses clubs.  I love to volunteer in the community and work towards making it a better place. I am very well rounded and versed in the spouses association comings and goings-though each base has been different and unique. I would love to be able to assist in this and help our spouses club flourish into the amazing program we all know it can be for everyone involved.  Thank you so much!



Hello! I am Feliciana Castaneda and I am currently seeking a second term as MSC President.  I have been married to an amazing man for the past 12 years and we have been blessed with 8 beautiful children.  My education and experience is in both Human Resources and in Finance.  I love being involved with our local and military communities and this growing club is a great place to do both.  Over the years, I have held multiple club board positions at different bases and was blown away by the relationships that came from these clubs.  If given the opportunity I would really enjoy seeing many of the projects we started this past year thrive into everything we imagined they would become.  This truly is an amazing club.